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motorcycle tours in italy Tours overview

We offer two types of motorcycle tours: scheduled tours and tailored tours.

1. Scheduled tours

The backbone of our offer, they are guided group motorcycle tours in Italy and Europe, that take place according to a fixed calendar and are grouped into categories.

Tour categories

While motorcyclists are a close-knit clan, they are not all the same: some love to climb twisty passes all day long, while others prefer relaxed rides in the gently rolling hills with frequent stops for pictures and sightseeing. With that in mind,  we designed different tour categories to meet the specific needs of each type of biker.

motorcycle tours Classic Tours

Our Classic Tours take you across the most beautiful ‘must see’ regions of Europe. A van will carry your luggage to the next hotel, leaving you only the luxury of enjoying your ride, and also a spare motorcycle, in the off chance of a break down. Excellent roads, thoughtfully-selected specialty hotels, and our attention to your needs will create an experience you’ll never forget.

motorcycle tours Family & Ride Tours

You would like to ride Europe’s most amazing roads with other passionate bikers, but…you have a family. What can you do? Join us for one of our Family & Ride Tours! Any Family & Ride Tour is based at one carefully-selected mountain or seaside resort – each Family Tour is also a Hub Tour, actually. While you are enjoying your motorcycle day tour through the glorious landscapes all around, your children (with a parent or other childcare person) will make new friends with the children of others in the tour group, taking in the local area and the available recreational and sporting services. After such a great day, an evening with the family back together will be the most beautiful of all prizes.

motorcycle tours Challenge Tours

Do you hunger for challenging, curvy roads? Then grab your helmet and essential gear and join us at one of Europe’s most challenging motorcycling paradises! On your favorite motorbike, you will ride miles and miles of the twistiest, curviest mountain roads – all day long, day after day, eating up curve after curve until we happily collapse at our comfortable hotel each evening with our fellow riders to recap the unbelievable day we just had. And you get to do it all again tomorrow! That’s it. We will satisfy that hunger of yours, guaranteed!

motorcycle tours Ladies First Tours

In our Ladies First Tours you will cherish the camaraderie of a wonderful group of women riders and you will enjoy a relaxed pace with frequent stops to enjoy the landscapes and do some sightseeing before heading to your amazing hotel at day’s end. A van will carry your luggage to the next hotel, leaving you only the luxury of enjoying your ride. Oh, sure, men may ride on a Ladies First Tour; but only by your invitation! And, ladies, they will do everything they can to get invited!

motorcycle tours Harley Tours

The American motorcycle brand par excellence is not just a motorcycle; it is a philosophy of life. If you are a Harley rider, you may choose a Harley for other tours, but we decided that you deserved a European tour especially designed for the Harley, a tour that will enhance your own Harley experience. With pleasure being the only purpose, you will cruise over smooth hill roads through rolling scenery at a pace that allows for maximum enjoyment, while a van will carry your luggage to the next hotel, leaving you only the luxury of enjoying your ride. View points and other stops will provide moments that will take your breath away. Each evening, while enjoying the company, you will all know that this day was certainly one worth living! And, in the morning, you will once again go “looking for adventure”!

motorcycle tours Hub Tours

Each Hub Tour is based at one or two, carefully-selected resorts (usually different from the starting hotel where we first meet). A van will carry your luggage, leaving you only the luxury of enjoying your ride. This leaves you free anytime to choose between taking a rest day and riding around with your tour leader.

What is included

All our tours include the following services:

  • Transfer by limousine or minivan from airport (or any other location in town) to hotel
  • All overnights with breakfast in hotels of the level specified in the tour description
  • Motorcycle rental (prices vary according to the motorcycle class, it is also possible to participate with an own motorcycle), including:
    • unlimited mileage
    • third party liability insurance
    • comprehensive vehicle insurance with deductible according to the booked model
    • roadside assistance insurance
  • English and local language-speaking safe riding instructor as tour leader on motorcycle
  • Welcome dinner
  • 2 dinners during the tour
  • Good-bye dinner
  • Welcome kit including gadgets, maps of the tour and a booklet with useful tips about riding in foreign countries
  • Applicable taxes

What is not included:

  • Fuel
  • Tolls, tickets etc.
  • All meals, snacks and drinks not listed above
  • Any other item not listed above

Some tours could include further service, please refer to the single tour description.

Optional extra services

  • City guided tours (three-hour walking courses) in Rome and Milan, conducted by professional multilingual guides.

2. Tailored Tours

Besides our scheduled tours, we can design guided and non-guided tours according to your needs.

If you wish to receive a quote for tailor-made motorcycle tours in Italy and Europe, please fulfil the form below; we will be happy to send it to you as soon as possible.


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